The Client Success OptimizerĀ® Course

An exclusive on-board and training program GUARANTEED to ensure
your success and happiness in your sales-driven career.

Client Success Optimizer Course

The Client Success Optimizer Course is a detailed online training program written by Patrick Valtin (world known selling coach, has trained more than 57,000 sales professionals). This course will provide you with the proven successful actions used every day by top sales professionals across the world. 

You will not be alone during this program. You can at any time send us a request for help or contact us directly. A dedicated supervisor is available to help you and will contact ypu once a week to ensure your smooth progress throiugh the program.

By applying the concepts shared in this course, you are guaranteed to boom your sales AND your income, no matter whatyou sell. We want to contribute to your success and happiness. Do not hesitate to contact us at or call 877-831-2299.

This course is currently unavailable for purchase.

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Hirebox International was founded by Patrick Valtin, a 30-year veteran management consultant & trainer. We have trained over 140,000 business owners and executives from 37 countries in the areas of leadership, people management, talent acquisition, sales, business strategies and marketing.

Our vision is to help small businesses prosper and contribute to the success & happiness of their people and community. We do this by educating our clients on two vital management functions: talent acquisition and the development of salespeople.

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